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Happiness is the New Bedtime

“McKay reminds us that every language is a unique translation of a combination of desire and thought, both of which have complicated, individual histories. Poetry influenced by immersion in other languages and cultures can contain a rich, sometimes prickly sense of expansion, as McKay’s does.”–Barbara Berman, senior poetry reviewer at The Rumpus



A Meteorologist in the Promised Land

"Through a marvelous diversity of style, form, and voice, the thread of spirit—of questing for it, of questioning it—leads us through this uncommonly strong first collection. Just beneath its surface runs a meditation on translation, on the peculiar kind of carrying over that begins in language and somehow overflows into our bodies, memories, times. This is a book that takes on difficult reconciliations, both cultural and personal. Does everything come down to capitulation or resistance? McKay asks — and then, refusing the ease of answers, she remains vertiginously in the heart of the questions."—Cole Swensen


Selected Poems